Class Rules and Procedures

1. Dress attire should be shorts and t-shirt.

2. No jewelry that will be a distraction.

3. Dancers should be on time with shoes on and tied.

4. If children don't have dance shoes, they should wear gym shoes or ballet shoes (NO SANDAL OR FLIP FLOPS). FYI – there are used shoes for sale at the hall. You may find a second-hand pair of shoes which are cheaper than buying brand new ones.

5. Send children with water bottle to class. NO GLASS CONTAINERS.

6. No peanut snacks / food are allowed in the studio due to allergies.

7. Attendance is critical and practice at home is a must!

8. Parents are not allowed to stay and watch the class. You may stay for the last class of the month to watch your child's progress. 

All school communication is done via email. Our school’s email address is: